Water Hawthorne

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Planting Depth:  Floater

Sunshine:  Full Sun to Partial Shade

Blooming Window:  May to September

Longevity:  Perennial

Very attractive plant for cooler water in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Flowers in the Spring and again in the Fall. Water Hawthorne extends the season of flowers in the pond, blooming before water lilies in the Spring and flowering again in the fall after water lilies have finished blooming. Blooms are white with black stamens and have a vanilla fragrance. The foliage is elliptical, shiny, and dark green; Sometimes with a tinge of purple. It grows in sun to part shade in water from 6 inches to 4 feet deep with a spread of about 24-30 inches. Water Hawthorne is hardy in cold water and can withstand a freeze; needing no particular Winter care or attention.

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