Water Features by The Water Shed

3 Rock feature

3 Rock Bubbling Fountain

This corner feature brings a wow factor to an otherwise boring spot. The 3 bubbling rocks create a natural background sound that the homeowners will enjoy for many years to come.


Dual Waterfalls with Pond

The dual waterfalls draw interest and attention to an already amazing backyard. This project was started by the homeowner and completed by The Water Shed.

Bubbling Rocks with Pond

These column bubbling rocks provide aeration and circulation for the fish in the pond below.

Small Backyard Pond

This pond is a great oasis in the backyard. Beautiful water sounds to drown out any neighbor noise. This homeowner wants to house fish so the excavation was deeper with steeper shelves.  

Pouring Vase Fountain

This homeowner had a very specific vision for a pouring vase fountain and we delivered. The feature creates plenty of sound and the client was thrilled with the results.

3 Bubbling Rocks

The triangular shape of the work area made this unique feature a challenge. The end result is a bubbling feature that creates an audible greeting for guests and ties into the surrounding landscape beautifully.

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