Pond Design

Design your pond at The Water Shed in Vancouver, WA. Our in-store design team will help you create the pond yourself or connect you with local professionals to perform the labor. We’ll work with you and the contractor to make sure that your interests are always put first. We are your one-stop pond consulting home.

1) Felt Underlayment

8 oz felt fabric that goes under the liner to help protect from rocks and roots.

2) Pond Liner

45 mil EPDM liner. Thick and durable.

3) Skimmer

The skimmer houses the pump. The pump draws surface water through a filter that strains off large debris like leaves. Some skimmers also have a housing for an ultraviolet light to kill single-cell algae.

4) Pond Pump

The pump determines how much water is being pushed over your waterfalls. Our in-store design team can help you determine the necessary flow to get your desired effect.

5) Tubing

PVC Flex tubing. Pump flow will determine what size tubing to use.

6) Pressurized Filter with UV Light

Filters out smaller debris than the skimmer. Has an ultraviolet light to kill single-cell algae.

7) Waterfall Weir

Gives the water a place to gather up and flow evenly over a lip.



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