Create a Garden Fountain

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Start by burying the basin. Measure around the outside and dig a hole deep enough to hide it entirely. Tamp down the dirt and add a thin layer of sand to make it easier to level. Once the basin is level and dirt is packed tightly around the sides you can add the pump and tubing.

The pump can be placed inside the basin by removing the lid in the corner.  Feed the tubing into the center hole in the basin. Place your fountain item (rock, vase, spitter fountain…) in the center with the tubing coming up through the hole. 

Pour a solid layer of cleaned river rocks over the top of the basin and scattered around the outside of the feature to create a natural blended transition. 

Fill the basin with water and turn on the pump. Enjoy the sound of water in your new garden oasis! Add interest to the feature by adding submersible LED lights with a photocell sensor to automatically turn the lights off during the day.

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