Choosing A Pump

Mag Drive Pumps

Mag drive pumps are more power efficient than direct drive waterfall pumps. They are best used for smaller waterfalls and streams. Mag drive pumps use a magnetized impeller that is surrounded by an electric apparatus.  Using an electrical current the apparatus pulls/pushes the magnet to cause the impeller to spin. Because of the “floating” impeller, the mag drive has fewer moving parts and is more energy efficient but it is less powerful and can’t pump as high as the direct drive pumps.

Direct Drive Pumps

Direct drive pumps are the most powerful pumps available. They use an electric motor to turn an impeller that pushes water in one direction. Direct drive pumps are best used for waterfall applications wehere a great deal of water flow is desired. The drawback of the direct drive pump is that they use more power relative to the mag drive pumps.

External Pumps

External pumps cannot be submerged in water like the other 2 types of pumps.  They are direct drive pumps that can move large amounts of water and can force water uphill at greater efficiency.  In an application where the pump can be hidden effectively, the external pump is the best choice for larger water features.

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