Chinese Lizard Tail

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Planting Depth:  2″ to 12″ as long as the top of the leaves crown out of the water.

Sunshine:  Full Sun to Partial Shade

Blooming Window:  June to September

Longevity:  Perennial

Oval leaves grow on upright branching stems and tiny fragrant white flowers bloom from June to September. It thrives in wet soil—perfect for bogs or ponds. Grows up to 24″

Lizard’s Tail is a favorite food of turtles, which eat the leaves. Bees love the flowers for the nectar. Lizard’s Tail is an important plant as cover and shelter, and as a place for egg-laying. Many fish, frogs, salamanders, crayfish, turtles, snakes, and insects hide among the stems underwater. Above the water line, insects and spiders crawl around on the stems and leaves. Dragonflies, frogs, salamanders, and many other animals will lay eggs on, around, or inside Lizard’s Tail stems.


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