Blue Forget-Me-Not

Easily grown in organically rich, consistently moist to wet soils in full sun to part shade. Grows in up to 3” of standing water. Plant in containers in water gardens. Plant directly in the muddy banks of streams or ponds at the water line. Plants will spread by creeping rhizomes but are not overly aggressive. Pinch young plants to promote bushiness. Blooms June to August Flowers ares sky blue with yellow centers. Full sun to part shade


Fast-growing, aquatic or semi-aquatic, perennial plant native to Europe and Asia, and one of the oldest known leaf vegetables consumed by humans. is a perennial semi-aquatic vegetable plant known for its spicy foliage that’s popular in salads and similar dishes as a peppery, tangy flavor. The hollow stems of watercress are floating. Small, white and green flowers are produced in clusters.

Lemon Bacopa

Single large stems can be allowed to grow slowly upward. A group of such specimens will produce long, solid stalks with circumferential leaf groups. This technique can create a strong vertical element in an aquascape. When cut or crushed, the plant produces a strong lemon-mint smell. B. caroliniana can also be kept in outdoor ponds or tubs. When allowed to grow in an immersed state, it will produce characteristic small purple flowers.

Aztec Arrowhead

Planting Depth:  Top of the pot should be 1 to 6 inches below the water line

Sunshine:  Partial Shade

Blooming Window: Early Summer to Autumn

Longevity: Perennial


Aztec Arrowhead has large, stiff, spear-shaped leaves that are produced at the end of thick stems. They may grow 2 to 4 feet tall and should be kept in 1 to 6 inches water depth. Sagittaria montevidensis flowers bloom all season, are white with a large dark red spot at the bottom of each petal and have a yellow pistil and stamen.

Use: The Arrowhead has a very unique bloom with amazing foliage. Use it in the bog in the shade or as a lower plant in front of something tall. The diffused light serves this plant better than full, direct exposure.

4 Leaf Water Clover

Planting Depth: 4 inches to 9 inches below the surface of the water

Sunshine:  Partial Shade

Blooming Window:  Grown for foliage

Longevity:  Perennial

Aquatic variegated four leaf clover. A favorite of everyone who grows it! Real 1-3″ four-leaf clover leaves float on the surface of the pond as the trailing vine spreads under the water. It does best when planted 4 inches to 9 inches below the surface of the water. Very easy growers, these plants are great for surface coverage and algae elimination. They also provide a protection from predators for koi and other fish especially important for vulnerable young fish.

Blue Moneywort

Planting Depth:  2″ to 4″  – Not to be fully submerged

Sunshine:  Full Sun to Partial Shade

Blooming Window:  Year-round

Longevity:  Perennial

A mat-forming, semi-evergreen, aquatic perennial with fleshy, rounded to heart-shaped, bright green leaves and small, tubular, violet and white flowers in Summer. This is an excellent creeper that will love surrounding rocks, pavers or steps and is perfect for spilling over containers.