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Welcome to The Water Shed. Your local source for everything related to ponds and water features. We are a locally owned and operated small business and have been serving the Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area for over 16 years.

Directions to The Water Shed

11819 NE Highway 99  Vancouver, WA 98686

We are on Highway 99 in Salmon Creek, just 1 block North of Chuck’s Produce in the Klineline Center.

Business Hours:

Tuesday through Saturday  12 p.m.  –  4 p.m.  (We are currently on Autumn hours)

Holiday Hours:

CLOSED for Thanksgiving Week (Tuesday, Nov 21st through Monday, Nov 27th)

CLOSED for Christmas Week (Wednesday, Dec 20th through Wednesday, Jan 3rd)


At The Water Shed you’ll find everything you need to build or maintain a pond, bubbling rock, pond-less waterfall, or any other water feature.

Fish Food

Hai Feng Fish Food. We proudly sell Hai Feng fish food for koi. Hai Feng’s special quality control process guarantees only top quality koi food. Special digestive enzymes contained in this product can minimize water pollution caused by fish waste. As the result of special processing of the elements, Hai Feng koi food contains vitamins B, C, and digestive enzymes, thus helps your fish to stay healthy. Hai Feng koi food also contains vitamins, organic minerals, meat and vegetable protein, and wheat germ, which can be easily absorbed and utilized.


Nets and Netting
Laguna Nets. Laguna nets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many styles have slip-resistant handles and extendable shafts to adjust the reach of the net. The soft net meshing is resistant to tears and will not harm the fish.

Loki Nets. Loki’s exclusive
Monorail bow design fully protects the netting from abrasion, and its smooth, rounded contours are pond liner friendly. The netting is 100% Knotless DuPont nylon. With their shallow bags and fine mesh, these nets will handle fish, scoop out debris, remove bottom sludge and skim the
surface; the ideal all-around pond net!

Fish Treatments

Water Treatments

Aquatic Plants


The Water Shed is your number one resource in Vancouver for water plants for ponds and water gardens.  We carry several varieties of water lilies, marginal plants, and floating plants like water lettuce and floating hyacinth. Click here to see a list of plants that we either currently stock or have sold in the past for care instructions.