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Welcome to The Water Shed. Your local source for everything related to ponds, bubble rocks and water gardens; Including koi, goldfish, aquatic plants and water pumps. We are a locally owned and operated small business and have been serving the Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area for over 16 years.

The Water Shed is located at:

11819 NE Highway 99  Vancouver, WA 98686

Business Hours:

Tuesday through Saturday  10 a.m.  –  6 p.m.

Sunday and Monday CLOSED

Products and Services

Pond Building Supplies

The Water Shed has the supplies you need to create or maintain a beautiful water feature. We have pumps, pond liner, felt underlayment, UV lights, decorative lights, tubing, and filters.

Water Plants

The Water Shed is your number one resource in Vancouver for plants that not only survive in water, but thrive in fantastic ways. A diverse collection of plants will attract a greater variety of wildlife as you create your own micro-environment.


We have koi and goldfish for your pond. We stock supplies to maintain the health and happiness of your fish such as nets, food and medicine.

Water Treatments

Improve the water quality in your pond by using water treatments to kill and eat algae and waste that can accumulate in water features. Let us help you determine the proper products and dosing for your feature.


Call today to schedule your appointment  (360) 571-4116


We offer professional cleaning services for your pond or other water feature.


Advice and Guidance

Our in-store technicians can help you choose the right plants and products for your water feature. Create a natural environment for your fish and wildlife.

Pond Cleaning Service

We Clean Ponds So You Don’t Have To

Ponds are dirty.  Muck, sludge and slime build up over time.  We offer a full cleaning service for bubble rock fountains, small to large ponds and many other water features.

Free Estimates

Call (360) 571-4116 now to schedule your free appointment. A quick in-person visit will allow us to give you an accurate prediction of the time needed to clean your water feature.

Water Conservation

The process of cleaning a pond takes a lot of water.  We are always careful with our use of new water and we re-use the existing water in the pond during the cleaning.

Thorough Pond Cleaning

Unthinkable things pile up in the bottom of your pond and in all of the cracks between the rocks and around the plants.  A simple garden hose does not have the flow to effectively clean a pond.  Our technicians use high-grade equipment and are professionally trained.

Product Support

Maintaining a healthy, balanced and CLEAN pond in between cleanings can be achieved by adding a few key water treatments.   Visit our store to speak with a professional technician about the needs of your pond.

11819 NE Highway 99, Vancouver, WA  98686

Aquatic Plants


The Water Shed is your number one resource in Vancouver for water plants for ponds and water gardens.  We carry several varieties of water lilies, marginal plants, and floating plants like water lettuce and floating hyacinth. Click here to see a list of plants that we either currently stock or have sold in the past for care instructions.